Riccardo Tisci’s First Campaign For Burberry Is Out And Loud

Freshness is the future.

Riccardo Tisci’s debut collection for Burberry was polarising. A whopping number of looks pushed the heritage brand’s aesthetic in more ways than we could have guessed. And now, comes his first campaign for the house, which is also a patchwork of references.

“The thing that excites me the most about Burberry is how inclusive it is – it appeals to everyone no matter their age, their social standing, their race, their gender,” Riccardo expressed. “I knew I wanted to work with a collection of collaborators to help interpret the breadth of what this incredible heritage house represents to so many different people.”

“I pulled together 6 photographers, all with a very different energy, experience and point of view of the world – including British masters of photography and the next generation who have something new to say – to interpret this new Burberry era and the multigenerational men and women we speak to, all through their own unique eyes.

They are images that have the confidence to stand on their own, but it’s when they are assembled together that they truly bring the diversity, the eclecticism, the inclusivity and the beauty of Burberry to life.”

Making their campaign debut for the house, Nick Knight, Danko Steiner, Hugo Comte, Colin Dodgson, Peter Langer and Letty Schmiterlow are the photogs on board. The results speak to their influences just as loudly as they speak to Riccardo’s design references.