So Avril Lavigne Teamed Up With Nicki Minaj On A New Track [Listen]

Name a more iconic duo.

Everything good comes in pairs: Chuck and Blair, Cher and Dionne, Jayden Smith and Tyler the Creator… and now, Nicki Minaj and Avril Lavigne. Your new favourite duo you never even knew you needed.

Yesterday, both Lavigne and Minaj took to Instagram to announce their new single together, “Dumb Blonde,” and share some mutual admiration for each other.

“If you know me you know how long I’ve been a fan of hers,” Nicki said about Avril. “You couldn’t tell me I wasn’t hittin EVERY note on “I’m with you” in the shower.” (same, tho)

“Nicki is such a talented, strong woman and driving force,” Avril wrote in her post. “I listen to Fly, Starships and Bed all the time. Having her on the song is so special to me.”

The track, which also has a new lyric video, is Avril and Nicki’s “anthem for anyone who has been stereotyped or talked down to,” said our favourite Canadian emo queen. “Keep your confidence up and don’t let anyone tell you how to be.”

Listen to the single, below.

Images: Tumblr