Hold On To Your MySpace Hairspo Because The Veronicas Are Back

Hook me up.

Legends (and we really mean legends) in the most aspirational MySpace haircuts, The Veronicas, have just announced their return with a sneaky visual prelude to a new track titled ‘Without You’. Hook me up, seriously.

Not just purveyors of heavy fringes, back-combing, bleach and the occasional pink splice, The Veronicas are known for making pelting pop tunes with lyrics that scream of coming-of-age heartache. This time, we’re getting a deliberate mature moment — think Christina Aguilera coming in with ‘Beautiful’, Britney Spears on ‘Everytime’.

More music is coming in March 2019, but this is exactly all we know. Watch below:

Image and GIF: Tumblr


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