Shopped: Distal Phalanx Is Grabbing New And Weird With Both Hands

Hold me.

Originally opened in 2014 as a place where people could shop before they dropped in on a Melbourne dance floor, Distal Phalanx has overtime etched a firm “I was ‘ere” in the rich niche of Australia’s experimental shopping scene.

Now with a locale in Sydney, DP continues to spread the good word of new and weird fashions by labels such as Barragán, Gauntlett Cheng, Hardeman, Claire Barrow, Maroske Peech, Telfar and lots more — often as Australia’s exclusive stockist.

The vibe is sort of subversive internet thot — which we say only with respect. Stock is curiously off-beat, but it’s sexy. A real mood in an age where body ownership, sexuality, boundaries and identity are being redefined and defied continuously. Obviously the garb is all unisex, too.

Gift your eyes on the editorial below, featuring relatively current but quickly selling out pieces from the Sydney digs, and hop online or visit irl to get the look.

Distal Phalanx sits at 1/204 King Street in Newtown, and is open 11am-6pm Wednesday to Friday, 11am-5pm Saturday.

Photography: Ellen Virgona
Fashion: Kurt Johnson using all pieces from Distal Phalanx
Hair: Kye Reed
Make-up: Emma Bartik
Model: Liam @ Debut Management
Creative Direction: Maroske Peech