The Fiji Water Girl Is Still A Thing And She’s Suing Fiji Water

Not all heroes.

Remember The Fiji Water Girl? We can’t blame you if you don’t, after all, she is one of the more random internet obsessions so far this year. And guess what? She’s not going anywhere. Why? Because The Fiji Water Girl is now suing Fiji Water.

Here’s a quick recap: at the Golden Globes last month, it wasn’t Lady Gaga or Glenn Close who stole the show — it was a pretty unnamed brunette who was staffed by Fiji to hold some bottles on the red carpet and strategically photobomb photos so the Fiji label was viewable. Well, she did more than that — she stood behind celebrities like Amy Adams and Jamie Lee Curtis hitting all her angles, looking stunning. Unsurprisingly, everyone went nuts for her — well, except Jamie Lee Curtis, who posted a novel on Instagram about how the bitch stole her light… and how much she hates branding. Queen.

But here’s where the plot continues to thicken: The Fiji Water Girl is now reportedly suing Fiji. You can’t write this shit! Capitalizing on her viral fame, the water company apparently printed out giant cardboard cutouts of TFWG (who BTW has a real name, which is Kelleth Cuthbert), and placed them around Hollywood. John Legend was apparently caught by photogs grocery shopping, with her in the background. Cuthbert says the brand didn’t ask her permission to do so, Fiji says they did, and that her lawsuit is “frivolous.” #ImWithHer

Image: Instagram