Meet The Artist: Bryce Anderson And His New Floral Fantasy

Full bloom!

Bryce Anderson is a brilliant Australian artist who navigates with a perfectly imperfect curiousness across many mediums (collage, paint, ink transfer) and many subjects (heteronormative male mythology, good looking interiors, blossoming buds) to arrive at a place that is very appealing to the eye.

Pointing to the process of his new collection of still lifes, which have been manufactured by way of tearing and placing, Bryce says: “The act of removing a flower from its bed to be placed into a vessel sets out to claim the flower as our own, becoming a part of our lives and narratives if only temporarily.” There is such tranquil harmony at play between overlapping reference material, palette, gentle arrangement and intention.

This week marks his debut Sydney solo exhibition, ‘Bloom’, which opens at China Heights this Friday and is on view until May 25. Get to know Bryce and his incred work below.

Name: Bryce Anderson

Nickname: I don’t have one.

Where did you grow up and where do you live now?
I grew up on the Sunshine Coast in Queensland and I currently live in Melbourne.

What were you into in high school?
Skateboarding, Drawing and Joy Division.

In what ways have you changed since then?
A lot of ways, I think I only really figured myself out after I left school.

Do you remember the first time you realised you were good at creative stuff? What did you first make?
I use to draw cartoon characters from comic books in primary school, my peers would call me out for tracing because they were jealous.

What does painting do for you? What sorts of life stuff has it helped you conquer?
It keeps me motivated, something about the edges and tactility of a stretched canvas. I can’t stay away. I think perseverance is an important lesson, be sure of yourself and keep pushing.

What do you enjoy painting? Why?
At the moment still life, I’m drawn to the historical context of still life painting and its ability to be re-contextualised in contemporary art.

Is there anything you simply cannot get right with a paintbrush, but wish you could?
Not in particular, but I’d like to learn how to do underpainting and glazing with oil paint.

Where is your favourite place to work?
In my studio in East Brunswick, 5 minutes from home.

What’s the best work you’ve ever made?
The most recent work is always the best, from my Bloom series I’d say “Altered Ground” its casual, I like that.

What’s the best work someone else has ever made?
The Factum Twins by Robert Rauschenberg.

If you could stay a certain age forever what would it be and why?
I’m fine with getting older, if there is a perfect age, I haven’t found it.

What scares you most?
Wasting time.

Best piece of advice you ever received?
Everything happens for a reason.

What is a skill you wish you possessed?
I wish I could play the piano.

Best Youtube clip you’ve ever seen?
Painters painting is a great doco on youtube.

What’s on rotation on your soundcloud at the moment?
I don’t use soundcloud but 1800 by Big Supermarket is a great album from some talented Melburnians.

Finally — tell us about what you’ve been working on for your show at China Heights. Themes, inspo, results, any surprises?
I’m showing a suite of 8 paintings that are set around the idea of still life. Using collages as the basis for each work. They consist of a mixed media approach, using print making and painting within in the one work.

Images: Courtesy Bryce Anderson and China Heights