POMS Made Plastic-Free (And Cute!) Frames And You Can Pre-Order Them Now

Future so bright.

In brilliant news for people who are really into the survival of all living things, and also into looking cute as heck: POMS has just launched their RETTA frames and they are 100% for you. They are also fully recyclable and biodegradable.

The label has tipped before that they are really focusing on the environment and sustainability via a packaging rethink, so it’s super cool to see that they are pushing the process right up to the actual product. The RETTA collection uses a new Italian acetate that is made from plant cellulose, which makes the frames plastic free.

The frames themselves are super slick and available in three colours: Black with Black lens and Onyx adornment, Cookies & Cream with Tan lens and Tiger Eye adornment, and Peach with Brown lens and Moonstone adornment — all semi precious stones are responsibly sources too, of course.

If you love them, which you definitely do, you’ll be stoked to know that you can already get dibs on a pair via an exclusive pre-order moment on Moda Operandi, alone with the POMS x Sabina Socol frames and the v popular OROs.

The rest of the RETTA collection — which we happen to know features some very sexy jewellery — launches July 1 on pomspoms.com.au.

Images: @pomseyewear