Scratch That, Amazon Returns Rights To The New Woody Allen Movie


It’s been raining all over Woody Allen’s new movie ever since he started it. In addition to the $68 million dollar lawsuit he’s said to have brought against the studio for shelving the film, people have boycotted It’s A Rainy Day In New York in the wake of allegations against Allen by his adopted step-daughter, Dylan Farrow, some of its actors included. Timothee Chalamet, who stars in the film, even agreed to donate his salary to Time’s Up. Not to mention the fact that the film centres around a relationship between Elle Fanning, a college reporter, and Liev Schrieber, who’s 30 years her senior. Ugh. So, earlier this week, when Allen released the first trailer, people were… shocked.

On Facebook, where he shared the trailer, Allen said the film was “coming soon.” But a new report claims that its U.S. distributor, Amazon Studios, has officially returned the domestic film rights to Allen. Boom.

In addition, a “a top film distribution chief” told Variety that supporting the film would be “death, publicity-wise.”

“Talent wants to distance themselves as far as possible from this,” they added. “None of them are likely to promote it.”

Good. But if you want to see the trailer anyway (since you’ll likely never see the movie), here you go:

Image: Tumblr