Stay Up Late And Stream Gucci Cruise 2020 Right Here

Worth it.

The Gucci gang have planted themselves in a special location filled to the brim objets d’art — a very literally interpretation of the inside of Alessandro Michele’s skull, we are sure. Rome’s very curious Antica Libreria Cascianelli marks the introduction to the house’s Cruise 2020 show, with guests receiving an antique book as an invitation to the main event, which will be hosted at the Capitoline Museum — one of the first public museums in the world.

The show is set to begin at 8pm CET (May 28), that’s 4am AEST (May 29), and if you simply cannot make it to Rome in time then we highly recommend sitting upright in bed at a very early hour to absorb the magic via live stream. You’ll find the link below, but first a translation from the invite:

“Only pagan antiquity awakened my desire, because it was the world of before, because it was an abolished world.” And don’t that feel right?

Images: @gucci