Here’s Something Nobody Wants: Straight Pride

Seriously, go home.

In today’s useless things on the internet that nobody cares about, needs or wants: people are trying to make Straight Pride happen. This is not a joke.

As June is Pride Month, it’s a time full of festivals, parades, carnivals and events meant to celebrate and honour the LGBTQ community. But a not-so-charming group of dudes on the internet (I mean, what else?) who call themselves Super Happy Fun America have decided to host their own Straight Pride. The proposed event will take place in Boston this summer, and will consist of a parade and ceremony where a “straight pride flag” will be hoisted over city hall. HUH?

The organiser of the event, a bro named Mark Sahady said the point of the event is to “demand an end to discrimination against straights.”

“We also deserve a parade!” he wrote.

Luckily, the group has not received the proper permits, and Boston’s mayor Marty Walsh has previously turned down their requests to erect the “straight flag.” Though, that hasn’t stopped people on the internet from responding VERY appropriately, i.e. making fun of the entire sharade.

Plus, as one amazing Twitter user put it: “You can’t have Straight Pride. Parades are inherently gay. Embrace it.”