ICYMI Crocs Are Goth Now Too

This is my last resort.

Things suck right now. That’s probably why even Crocs have gone goth. Ever since the ugly shoe became ironically ugly in a fashionable way, everyone has clamoured to put their own stamp on them. From Christopher Kane to Balenciaga, and now, a bunch of goths. As of today, the brand has officially teamed up with Barneys to debut a range that every girl on MySpace would’ve loved in 2005.

Featuring five different styles, including black and pink leopard, the goth Crocs are all covered in studs. But what’s a fashionable Croc without some controversy? We saw legions of Christopher Kane fans turn on the brand when they debuted their take on the shoe, and die-hard Demna stans also followed suit. With this new Barneys drop, however, its ultimate goth Croc fans who are pissed. Why? Because apparently goth Crocs have been a thing for awhile, thanks to @garbage_b0y, who sells his spiked creations via Etsy.

As for me, I miss the days when all of us goths had to do was wear black and drawn lyrics on our Converse while listening to The Smiths. MySpace really was a simpler time.

Image: Instagram