M.I.A. Named A Member Of The Most Excellent Order Of The British Empire

Hello Queen.

Every year, Queen Elizabeth II dishes out some party favours in the name of her ‘Birthday Honours’. A handful of British citizens are recognised for their service the the important industries — arts, medicine, philanthropy, etc — and celebrated permanently by the empire. This year, your actual queen M.I.A. has been named a Member of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire (MBE). Big mood, but it gets sweeter.

On Insta, Matangi dedicated the award to her mum. “I’m honoured to have this honour, as it means a lot to my Mother. I want to honour what my mum spent many hours of her life doing!” She writes.

“She is one of the 2 women in England who hand stitched these medals for the last 30 years. After receiving asylum my mum and cousin took this job in 1986, because it was the only non English speaking manual labour she could find.

She spent her life in England hand sewing 1000s of medals for the Queen. No matter how I feel or what I think , my Mother was extremely proud of the job she had.
It’s a very unique situation for me where I get to honour her most classiest minimum wage job ever.” Fucking brilliant.

Image: @miamatangi