Miley Cyrus And Marc Jacobs Team Up For Planned Parenthood

Dream team.

With the passing of anti-abortion laws in a number of states across the US over the last few weeks, people are finally taking a stand in the form of helping Planned Parenthood. Just recently, Travis Scott donated the merch profits from a recent Alabama festival to the organisation, and now Marc Jacobs and Miley Cyrus have joined the cause. Your new favourite duo have come together to create a hoodie with one-hundred percent of its proceeds going to PP.

Of course, Miley took to Instagram to tease the collab, which features a line from a song off her new album, She Is Coming, that reads “Don’t Fuck With My Freedom,” along with a photo of her holding grapefruits in front of her boobs. She also shared an image of herself licking (I mean, it is Miley Cyrus) a cake emblazoned with “Abortion IS Healthcare.”

You can pre-order the $175 hoodie here.

Image: Instagram