Prada Makes Its Iconic Nylon Sustainable

“I like my Skechers but I love my recycled Prada backpack.”

The future of fashion, if we want one, is finally becoming more sustainable. And just a few months after announcing their decision to go fur-free, Prada has revealed that they’ll be moving in a more eco-friendly direction, beginning with their new initiative, #PradaReNylon. Partnering with Italian textile yarn producer Aquafil, the brand has announced a new collection featuring green versions of their iconic nylon bags, including the backpack, all made from recycled fabric.

In addition to the collection, the label announced it will turn all of its nylon into the recycled version by 2021, a big move considering the brand currently uses around 700,000 meters of the material annually.

“It’s the start of an era for us,” said Prada’s head of marketing and communication, Lorenzo Bertelli. “I hope every competitor will move to more sustainable manufacturing approaches.”

As part of the initiative, the Re-Nylon collection, which features six new bags, is made entirely of nylon from landfills and oceans that’s been depolymerised, purified and recycled indefinitely.

“It’s a massive reduction of nylon and a big impact in terms of sustainability,” Bertelli added.

To showcase that innovative process, Prada has also partnered with National Geographic on a short film series called “The Things We Carry.” Through the series, we’ll learn more about sustainability and the “trailblazing” facilities that turn nylon into Prada’s recycled fabric.

It’s a big move, and yet, just another way in which Miuccia is always ahead of the game when it comes to fashion. And we can’t say we’re not stoked — after all, we like our Prada bags, but we love our recycled Prada backpacks.

Learn more about the #ReNylon initiative below.

Image: Instagram