Don’t Worry, Babushkacore Is Here To Stay

Lil Edie mood.

A$AP Rocky may still be stuck in a Swedish prison, but Marc Jacobs has taken the Babushkacore torch and keeping the trend alive. Back in 2018, the rapper paired a Gucci scarf around his head with oversized sunglasses, prompting the rest of the world to do the same, instantly kicking off Babushkacore. Pretty soon, Frank Ocean — who doesn’t even LIKE trends — jumped on the bandwagon, debuting his own version of the style, with a scarf and gold readers. But that was six months ago, and we haven’t seen much in the way of Babushkacore, leading us to believe that maybe, JUST MAYBE, it was all just a dream.

That is, until Marc Jacobs resurrected the trend and gave it all he’s got.

It all started last month, when the designer started posting Babushkacore selfies on his personal Instagram, and wearing glorious silk headscarves and big granny glasses everywhere he went. From the back of a Mercedes town car, to Susanne Bartsch’s Love Ball, MJ rocked the shit out his Babushkacore looks. No word as to where, when or how he decided to pick up this trend, but he literally hasn’t stopped wearing it since June 19.

So, there you have it folks. Babushkacore is alive and well (and real). We didn’t make it up in our dreams.