Every Time Louis Theroux Made Us Want To Put A Ring On It

Weird weekends with you <3

Total nerd burger, top journo and most marriable human on planet Earth, Louis Theroux, has been making the world a significantly more tolerable place for a substantial amount of time now. 

Throughout Louis’ many years in the biz, main squeeze has selflessly gone where not many others have and made us think, cry, laugh, learn, and, inevitably, fall in love. He has hung out with America’s most hated family more than any sane person should (he just revisited them btw and jfc wtf), palled around with sex workers, spent time with supremacists, hung out with America’s most hated family more than any sane person should (he just revisited them and jfc wtf), deep dived into prison lyfe, had the world’s whitest crack at the rap game, and sat down for a chat with everyone from swingers to Nazis. R-e-s-p-e-c-t. 

While we must concede that young Louis was pretty damn fly…

His entire career is peppered with so many moments of brilliance. Let’s take a look —

1. You know how we truly feel everytime we walk into a party.

2. You share our taste in music and our aspirations.

(MC Louis will not rap about bi-atches or titties, but will rap about red wine, his nice computer and cats. “I wear glasses, a little bit of a trademark” is also probably the greatest thing an aspiring rapper has ever said.)

3. TBH, at this point in your career you’re not a powerhouse singer but there’s a lot of charm going on.

4. You’re better at being a jock than jocks. 

Even though you have average regular person legs. 

5. You’re a real trooper. Exhibit A: that time you skinny-dipped at a swingers party— 

—exhibit B: this:

But you still know your limits.

All we want for Christmas is you. 


Photos & GIFs: Tumblr

Lucy Jones & Madeleine Woon 



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