ICYMI You Can Now Buy A Bucket… Hat From KFC Russia

Get it?

Brands do a lot of weird things to get noticed and there’s no denying that merch has become super popular. So, when we heard KFC Russia was undergoing a rebranding process kickstarted by a new line of bucket hats, were we that surprised? No. Though, we couldn’t help but laugh a little. But hey, if Pete Davidson can be a model and Crocs can be goth, KFC can be fashion. K? And the hats are actually pretty cool.

That’s likely because, as part of said rebranding process, the Russian leg (or thigh?) of the fast food chain teamed up with Russian streetwear brand Mam Cupy on the line of nostalgia-infused hats. And because we know nostalgia is popular (just as Disney and Chance The Rapper), these hats will probably sell out super fast. Sporting the chain’s iconic red and white stripes, as well as images of The Colonel, the hat is bound to end up on hype machines and internet daddy (who also has his own merch line) Jeff Golblum ASAP. So, you should probably cop yours here.

And while you wait for it arrive (Russia is far away, man), you can watch the campaign video, below. Who knew KFC could deliver such solid content?

Images: KFC Russia/Mam Cupy