[UPDATE: There’s A Trailer] Lana Del Rey Finally Gives Us All The Deets On Her New Album

Breaking fucking news.

It’s finally almost here. That’s right — ever since Lana Del Rey first announced her upcoming album, Norman Fucking Rockwell, we’ve been fucking frothing. And it’s finally almost time for her to bless our ears.

Earlier this week, the singer took to Twitter to announce the album’s release date (August 30), as well as the album art and tracklist. Three words:




Shot by Lana’s sister Chuck, the album artwork features LDR looking like a complete angel on a sailboat alongside Jack Nicholson’s grandson Duke. As for the tracklist, Norman Fucking Rockwell will include the already released “Venice Bitch” and “Mariner’s Apartment Complex,” as well as her “Doin Time” cover and the Sylvia Plath-referencing “Hope is a dangerous thing for a woman to have — but I have it” that she previously teased on Instagram.

Fresh off a collaboration with Ariana Grande and Miley Cyrus, it’s going to be hard for Lana to top herself. But even though hope is a dangerous thing — we have it. I mean, she’s Lana Fucking Del Rey.

Image: Instagram