Rico Nasty Remixes Something Other Than ‘Old Town Road’

Welcome to the party.

Fresh off the release of her latest banger, ‘Time Flies‘, Oyster 116 angel Rico Nasty is back with a new remix. And unlike everyone else (read: North West, Blondie and possibly Dolly Parton), our girl didn’t jump on the bandwagon and cover ‘Old Town Road’. Instead, she gave us a ‘NastyGirl’ version of Pop Smoke’s ‘Welcome To The Party’.

Of course, we wouldn’t expect anything less from Rico, who’s more than happy being an individual.

“Being content and being accepted is not something I want or have ever wanted,” she told us. “[…] So, if I’m an outcast, that’s just because of who I am, and how I am, and because people don’t understand me or my music. People are boring,” she continued. “They don’t want to listen to someone who sounds weird, or dresses weird, especially a girl. But I was made for the weirdos, and I don’t mind being an outcast, because at the end of the day,” it’s how I stay sane.”


Listen to Rico’s ‘Welcome To The Party’ remix, and revisit our interview with the rapper here. As for Oyster 116 — it’s available in the print shop.

photography Logan White, styling Henna Koskinen, hair Ashley Lynn Hall @ Art Dept, makeup Scott Osbourne. Shot at Apex Studios, Los Angeles for Oyster 116.