So The Tabloids Reckon Fashion Zaddy Jacquemus Is A ‘Scott Disick Lookalike’


Simon Porte Jacquemus, inventor of the smallest bag in fashion and top tier fashion zaddy, as just been compared to the biggest ugh in pop culture: Scott Disick. RUDE. Of course, it’s not all his face’s fault, it seems being spotted out and about with Kourtney Kardashian, who obv dated Scott many times, is what’s to blame for this downright unjust comparison.

Kourtney Kardashian Wears Nothing Underneath A White Tank Top With A Scott Disick Look-Alike,” read the headlines. “Kourtney Kardashian Spotted With Scott Disick Look-Alike In Braless Chaha Matcha & Shopping Outing.” Honestly stop. Also: she is SO wearing a bra! Also: IT DOESN’T MATTER.

Image and Gif: @jacquemus, Giphy