Know Your Trends: Hickies Are Fashion Now Thanks To Legendary NYFW Label Barragàn


Victor Barragàn, who at at the wheel of one of NYFW’s most exciting brands, Barragàn, has done it yet again. And by ‘it’, we mean that he has turned something we’ve been taught to be ashamed of into a fashion statement. When we first met the brand it was celebrating nip slips via a conveniently breast-shaped zipper, and queerness by way of a household typeface. Now, we’re talking hickies.

That’s right, you guys. Barragàn sent their models out with completely exposed and completely sexy hickies — no toothpaste home remedies in sight. Created by make-up artist Marcelo Gtierrez, the look was a cute representation of the Downtown Mexico City club scene that inspired the whole collection. So good!

Collage: Hayley Morgan