Shia LaBeouf’s Biopic ‘Honey Boy’ Has Hit 100% On Rotten Tomatoes


A few months back, we pepped you with news of FKA Twigs’ screen debut in Shia LaBeouf’s 2019 biopic drama, Honey Boy. The film, helmed by Israeli-American director Alma Har’el (best known for her 2011 doco Bombay Beach) was written and co-stars Shia in the fearless, potentially cathartic role of his father – epic. The semi-autobiographical film also stars Hollywood’s fave, Luke Hedges, and talented lil’ cutie, Noah Jupe as Otis – LaBeouf’s fictional younger self.   

Penned during Shia’s time in rehab, the screenplay is loosely based on the actor’s own life; depicting a child star (Otis) as he attempts to mend the relationship with his abusive, alcoholic and drug-addicted father over a decade. For Shia, Honey Boy proved therapeutic.You exorcise demons,” he told Variety. “This felt a little bit like an exorcism.”

Alma Har’el, also a child of an alcoholic, said she feels like she “made this film for children of alcoholics.”

“They’re all like my brothers and sisters and when I show the film I kind of realise the whole world is dealing with daddy issues right now…” Can I get an amen?!

LaBeouf has given us some weird and wonderful work since his Disney Channel days on Even Stevens, and despite Honey Boy’s mixed reviews post-premiere at Sundance Film Festival, we think his fresher than fresh 100% on Rotten Tomatoes seems pretty warranted. 

Honey Boy hits cinemas November 8 but you can watch the trailer here:

Image: via Sundance