ZitSticka’s New Pimple Patch Campaign Is Very Real And Very Us

Tag yourself, we’re the wine in the bath tub selfie.

If you frequently buy beauty and skincare products based on their online presence (ok, and packaging) then there’s high chance you’ve come across ZitSticka. If not, it’s simple: these discreet lil pimple patches are revolutionising the way we treat our skin, not just via their tiny spiky bits that send active ingredients right to the middle of your zit, but also via their very relatable, very real, very lol social media situation:

Brilliant. And their new campaign, ‘We Got You’, is very much the same. In a great bit directed by Ashley Armitage (the ledge behind those fab Billie razor commercials), real women do real things that really cause breakouts. We see ourselves everywhere throughout — we’re absolutely the ones who don’t wash our faces before bed; we definitely at the very least dream of one day having a top shelf in our fridge entirely dedicated to cake; but most of all we live every day as the wine in the bath tub selfie. Basically, we are it me-ing all over this thing.

To double down on that message that ZitSticka has well and truly got you, they’re about to drum up a bit of a giveaway sitch. If you’re in NYC from Sept 17-20, you’re might just score some free product — they’re delivering ZitSticka patches same-day to people who post selfies to stories using #ZSwegotyou and @zitsticka; from Tribeca to 59th Street! Watch their insta today for full competition details 😉

Images: Courtesy ZitSticka