Loki Patera’s ‘A Quiver Calls’ Is Celestial Jewellery For Elfin Ravers

Big elf energy.

Loki Patera is the largest lava lake on Jupiter’s moon, Io. It’s also a Sydney-based, volcanic jewellery brand that’s been producing smoking designs since 2018. Celestial originators, Hugo Vos and Harry Pickering, handcraft a molten world of ethically-sourced materials, resulting in the most beautiful and wearable metallic babies. Inspired by the spirit of Io, where they imagine “identities are as fluid as they are evolutionary,” their sterling silver and precious gems have adorned earth angels like Princess Gollum and Cub Sport, as well as Oyster fave Rob Tennent — just to name a few.  

Their new collection, ‘A Quiver Calls’ takes a step towards the nighttime realm — with sex(y) dungeon/fetish vibes meets earthy/ancient archeological dig. Did someone say spear me?! Luckily, the collection feats sixteen protective talismans from Mother Nature’s very own: ore, igneous and bristlebone. Finally, the metallurgic protection we’ve all been waiting for. 

Handcrafted in Australia, ‘A Quiver Calls’ is a jewellery collection so sharp it could take your eye out – embellished with porcupine quills (yes, really) and pink rhodolite garnets (~ ofc ~ stunning ~). Feeling some real World of Warcraft vibes with big elf energy. 

Photography: Mia Rankin
Fashion: Kurt Johnson
Model: Adam Emanuel Zammit