Wrangler Launch Denim Line That Uses Revolutionary Water-Free Dying Process


Jeans can last a lifetime but, unfortunately, so too can the effects of the indigo dying process on our planet. Enter Wrangler, who’ve recently launched their most sustainable denim line yet, Indigood, which uses literally no water in the dyeing process.

They’re the first brand to bring this innovative new foam-dyeing technology to the market, effectively reducing their water consumption by 100% in the process. Last year, it was estimated that 20% of industrial water pollution worldwide is associated with garment manufacturing — 85% of that due to dyeing — and that each year, 5 trillion litres of water is used for dying fabrics alone. Hectic!

“At Wrangler Australia, we care deeply for the environment and Indigood represents a giant leap in our quest towards creating denim that is fully sustainable,” says Nathan Baxter, brand manager at Wrangler Australia. “This is our most sustainable denim yet and will be instrumental in making the necessary changes required not only by Wrangler, but the denim industry as a whole.” So true.

In collaboration with Texas Tech University, Wrangler funded and developed the technology to apply indigo to yarn using foam block transfers, which entirely replace the water vats and chemical baths that are usually needed for the process. It means they not only remove water from the process, but they use over 60% less energy and leave over 60% less waste behind. The denim itself also uses up to 28-30% recycled cotton and the labels are made from recycled plastic. Way 👏to 👏go 👏!

You can shop the six-piece collection — which features jeans, jackets and shirts — right now at wrangler.com.au

Images: Wrangler