CGI Influencer Lil Miquela Made A Vlog About Her Sexual Assault ‘Experience’


Lil Miquela, a CGI influencer who is certainly not flesh and bone, is facing big backlash after a vlog in which she details her ‘experience’ with being sexually assaulted in a rideshare circulated the internet.

It isn’t clear when Lil Miquela made the thing, but it was earlier this week that @cornyassbitch tweeted the video and — like all of us — expressed “I have so many questions…” Right?!

Miquela, a fictional character created by Los Angeles-based company Brud, founded by Trevor McFedries and Sara Decou, is often caught doing things to seem ‘real’. Like, chilling with Millie Bobby Brown, kissing Bella Hadid for a Calvin Klein ad, and taking over Prada’s instagram account to document Milan Fashion Week. But… claiming sexual assault is next lev.

She details the actions of a “creepy ass man” who she was apparently sharing a Lyft with… “Sure enough, I just feel this guy’s cold, meaty hand touch my leg as if he was confirming I’m real. His hand literally lingers there rubbing my skin.” What kind of..?

She said that it felt like “he was threatening me,” then said that he pinched her and made a sexually-charged comment about “down there,” before she got out of the car in the middle of the freeway.

The feedback is in:

Image: @lilmiquela