Solange Releases 41-Minute-Long Director’s Cut Of ‘When I Get Home’ Feat. Unreleased Track


Solange released her album and accompanying art film When I Get Home back in March and, before we’ve had a chance to get over the cowboy hats, cool cars and magical choreography, she has now released the extended director’s cut she once promised.

The new, 41-minute-long version features a previously unreleased track ‘Dreams (Demo/2)’, a few additional cowboys, new choreography, and is available to watch on YouTube — the original version found home on Apple Music.

Speaking on the depth of the piece upon its first released, Solange said: “When I was younger I would fear what the people called the Holy Spirit and what it would do to the men and women around me. I never wanted it to catch me, and was terrified of how it might transform me if it did! Much of this film is a surrendering to that fear. After a really tough health year and the loss of the body that I once knew, the film is an invitation for that same spirit to manifest through me and the work I want to continue to create.”

Watch below.

Image: Youtube