Billy Porter Wearing Butterfly Tattoos Is Pure 2020 Inspo

Float like a butterfly realness.

While we have never meet a Billy Porter red carpet look that we didn’t love, it deserves to be noted that his 2020 Critics Choice Awards is something made of magic.

Serving float like a butterfly realness, the Pose star wore a two-tone strapless number by Hogan McLaughlin and accessorised with statement silver jewellery, stunning platform Coach boots, and arms and chest covered in a kaleidoscope of butterflies. And, while that sings to our 90s youth as loudly as, say, those jewelled hair springs and roll-on shimmer, Porter’s look is pure for a different reason:

“The butterflies are a symbol of the transgender community,” Porter told Entertainment Tonight. “[They represent] how you come from the cocoon, you come as one thing, and then you transform into something else. So I wanted to honour my peeps tonight.” LOVE YOU, and love your stylist Sammy Ratelle and Tattoo mastermind Anna Bernabe.

Image: Instagram