Britney Spears’ Debut Contemporary Art Show Is Happening?

Slave 4 art.

Britney Spears, queen of our hearts, is an artist. An actual artiste, like, with a paintbrush. If you follow her on Instagram, you probably know that already, because youโ€™ve seen videos of her painting. But did you know she is about to debut as a showing contemporary artist?

Youโ€™re welcome.

First, a gallery called Galerie Sympa shared that they are now representing Britney Spears.

Major news, obviously.

Later, the gallery announced theyโ€™d be hosting a solo exhibition for the singer.

โ€œWeโ€™re thrilled to announce that we will be opening @britneyspears first solo show in a contemporary art gallery on Saturday January 18 2020, from 6-9PM,โ€ they wrote. As for how long the show will be on the view, Sympaโ€™s website says itโ€™ll be up โ€œuntil the world ends,โ€ which is either a reference to her 2011 hit or… really good news.

Since the announcement, the gallery has been posting #FreeBritney photos and pictures of the singer from the Baby One More Time-era. So, while weโ€™re not sure if itโ€™s all a joke (Criminal), weโ€™re hoping itโ€™s not (My Only Wish). Sheโ€™s a Slave 4 Art now, k?

Image: Instagram


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