Chloë Sevigny Is Pregnant And I Am Already Jealous Of This Future Human’s Hand-Me-Downs

Cool mom.

The coolest girl in the world Chloë Sevigny is pregnant with what can only be assumed is going to be the coolest baby in the world. No pressure. According to TMZ, Chloë and her man Sinisia Mackovic are five months in to this precious journey. The proof is in the street snap:

While Chloë has never really gone out of fashion, she has been having a ~moment~ with roles in Queen & Slim, The True Adventures of Wolfboy, The Dead Don’t Die, We Are Who We Are, Love Is Blind, and other misc work via directing White Echo, having a fragrance, walking for Miu Miu, and reviving her Opening Ceremony collab. How she has had time to even do a baby is beyond me.

Sinisia on the other hand, is not just a wearer of the exceptional outfit pictured above, but an art dealer and director of Karma Gallery too — only adding to this future human’s ability to have flipping great taste and the pick of the litter when it comes to hard-to-get internships. Imagine.

But the main takeaway here is how jealous I am of this bub’s eventual hand-me-downs. When teen me went through my mum’s closet looking for vintage she was lucky enough to get a Ken Done sweater and a belly-button length charm necklace. Imagine ransacking this:

Image: Instagram