Insta Model Sends Nudes And Raises $1 Million For Bushfire Relief

Scomo could never.

Kaylen Ward, now known as the Naked Philanthropist, has used her body and mind to help victims of the Australian bushfires in the most genius way. The idea is simple: donate more than $10 to one of her chosen charities, send her the receipt, she’ll send a nude. Scomo could never.

The plan came to mind after the California resident fell into a ‘rabbit hole’ processing the information on the bushfire crisis. “I donated $1,000 myself,” she told Guardian Australia. “I had a substantial amount of followers, maybe 30,000 at the time, and I thought that a lot of my followers would pitch in and send in some donations for the wildfires.”

On January 3 she tweeted an emoji-covered nude and a list of charities her followers could fund. By morning, “It quickly just blew up and went upwards of $100,000 before I knew it.” And now, while not having done an official count, Kaylen believes she has driven over $1 million in donations. “I have a girl that’s doing the analysis on it and she’s calculated that I’m getting about 10 legitimate verified DMs per minute,” she says. “And that’s only saying everybody donated at least $10, that’s not even calculating the average amount, because I’ve had donations of $5,000 … I feel that the number is way beyond that.” Very cool.

Unfortch, with great success comes great hate and this Naked Philanthropist is not immune. “Mostly it’s not people saying anything negative about what I’m doing. It’s more people trying to dig and find out who I am, and try to find out anything they can about me that’s negative. It’s become almost an obsession to a few of these people.”

PLUS, her insta account boasting 60k followers has been deleted. “Every time I try to make a new account it’s deactivated,” she says. “What’s concerning is there are a few fake accounts who are impersonating me that haven’t got deleted. People are stealing my identity through Instagram.” Rude.

Image: Instagram