Rihanna’s Choreographer Has Teamed Up With Nike To Get You Moving

Shake it grrrl.

Ever wondered how Rihanna has so many killer dance moves? Well, the answer is New Zealand choreographer Parris Goebel. She’s the woman behind productions like Rih’s 2019 Savage Fenty performance and Bieb’s ‘Sorry’ and ‘Yummy’ vids, and now she’s teamed up with Nike to teach us some of those sick moves in iso.

That’s right, Nike and Goebel have invited all of us to a live dance workshop with the choreographer’s very own ReQuest Dance Crew, and all you have to do is get on your phone from your lounge room tonight. Yes, TONIGHT!

From 6-7 pm AEST, the dancers behind some of the most iconic dance performances will take you through a live, high energy dance workshop on the @officialrequestdancecrew Insta — and you don’t even need to be J.Lo-level good. Accessible to all levels, the steps will be rooted in ReQuest’s signature Dancehall style, too, so you’ll feel like you’re partying in Jamaica instead of sweating it out at home.

Parris has choreographed the workshop exclusively for Nike as a way to get us all movin’, even while we’re still stuck at home. It’s the latest collab in Nike’s You Can’t Stop Us initiative, aimed at providing everyone — because “if you have a body you are an athlete” — with the tools, motivation, and affirmation to help fuel physical and mental health. The brand has also previously teamed up with Parris on her Force is Female workshop in Melbourne in 2018, and ReQuest Dance Crew helped launch of the Nike Melbourne Central store.

“It has been super inspiring to see how people have continued to keep active and positive while at home over these past months,” said ReQuest Crew member and teacher of the workshop Corbyn Taulealea. “Like us, Nike is encouraging people to keep moving, and so we are very excited to be collaborating on this together.”

“The ReQuest Crew and I want to empower girls and women to move, and to feel confident about themselves when they do it,” she continued. “We want to show how dance is a fantastic outlet for movement and self-expression. During this difficult time, virtual experiences like this can also help us stay connected and positive. This class is such a great opportunity for us to bring people together and create a community to uplift and support one another.”

So, even if you’re not the best dancer — “This class is not about getting every step right, it’s about taking that time to let go, move and enjoy yourself,” says Taulealea — join in on ReQuest’s Insta.

We’ll see you there soon. 

Image: YouTube