Get A Look At The New Jacquemus Art Book, ‘IMAGES’


If there’s one thing that quarantine has taught us, it’s that you don’t need a real camera to make art. We’ve seen major brands β€” including Jacquemus, who tapped Pierre-Ange Carlotti to shoot Bella Hadid and Oyster #114 angel Barbie Ferreira for a digital campaign β€” adopt technology like FaceTime and the basic iPhone camera to create legit ads this year.

But as anyone who follows him on Instagram knows, Simon Porte Jacquemus has prolifically used his iPhone to take photos for quite a while now β€” “I have 85,041 photos and 22,739 videos in my phone,” he revealed.Β 

He’s edited these images, which were taken over the last decade, down to “a few of my favourite ones” β€” 321, to be exact β€” for the new 236-page Jacquemus art book titled ‘IMAGES’ that released exclusively on the brand’s website this week.


The book is a follow up to their first drop ‘MARSEILLE JE T’AIME’ and sees Jacquemus “at work, with family, with friends, while traveling,” in an attempt to “evoke a raw poetry, in the moment, unretouched.”

Like his clothes, ‘IMAGES’ has an effortless, carefree vibe that makes you want to drop everything and run to the beach… but not without a super great outfit and some β€” mini or oversized, take your pick β€” signature Jacquemus accessories, of course.

Preview more of the images from the book, below, and join the waitlist atΒ 

Images: courtesy of Jacquemus.Β 


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