ICYMI: Loewe’s New Home Scents Collection Is The Best Way To Garden While You WFH

No green thumb necessary.

It’s long been said that ‘home is where the heart is’ — but these days, we can pretty much add ‘body and style’ to that cliché too. With our own universes revolving around wherever we happen to call home, brands have had to adapt this year and really think about how we want to buy and not only experience their products but incorporate them into our considerably different daily lives.

Jonathan Anderson’s ‘Show In A Box’ presentation concept for Loewe’s Men’s SS21 collection and Women’s pre-collection back in July was a highlight on the digital schedule. Executed as a multi-channel and multi-sensory experience featuring collection images, mood board inspirations, fabric swatches and other BTS notes, it gave consumers an intimate look into the creative process as well as the collection, with physical versions delivered to editors’ homes… literally, in a box.

And now, the brand is giving us all a chance to physically immerse our home spaces in the world of Loewe, too, with the launch of their debut Home Scents collection. Inspired by memories of his childhood, Anderson worked closely with Loewe’s in-house perfumer, Nuria Cruelles, to come up with a range of plant-based scents that will make your house smell like the world’s most luxury veggie garden. And we’re not talking usual suspects here — with the 11 natural scents encompassing honeysuckle, beetroot, juniper berry, tomato leaves, coriander, liquorice, luscious pea, oregano, cypress balls, ivy and even a scent of marihuana, the Loewe Home Scents collection takes the home garden concept to a whole new level.

In introducing the new collection, Cruelles explained how “the evolution of the home fragrance industry has a very direct relation with the social habits and priorities” — and as we know, an appreciation of self-care and simple beauty at home, and, of course, in nature, is very much where we’d like to be right now.

“A long time ago, luxury was a ‘trendy’ word and it was linked to top brands, fashion, expensive things, and of course to quality products. But in the last decade, this has radically changed and luxury is [no longer] about showing off, but about lifestyle, culture and things you can enjoy yourself,” she adds. “In this context, it appears as a kind of intimacy where your home plays a very important role and [that] is where home fragrance becomes something very interesting.”

Featuring candles, wax candle holders, home fragrances, rattan diffusers and soap, presented in handcrafted ceramics inspired by Greek drinking vessels from the 5th century BC, the collection also includes illustrations by photographer Erwan Forti that symbolize the flora inspired fragrances. The products and their packaging were inspired by the “meticulous recording of plant life by artists working during the Age of Discovery,” including the cyanotypes of algae by British artist, Anna Atkins, the illustrations of exotic South American flora by the Spanish explorer, Mutus, and the work of Kazuma Ogawa, who pioneered photomechanical printing as a means to document flowers in the Japanese wilderness. So, it doesn’t just smell good, it looks good… Naturally.

Working with Cruelles, Anderson has turned his obsessive attention to detail into what’s become a trademark for the brand, particularly in 2020: easy luxury from the comfort of your own home.

The Home Scents collection is now available at Loewe.com and in select LOEWE stores worldwide (you can find your nearest one here).

Images courtesy of the brand.