Editorial Complaints and Feedback

Oyster values accuracy, fairness, and lawfulness in our publishing processes, and the upholding of Oyster’s Editorial Guidelines and Policies.

We welcome feedback from readers and any other stakeholders to help us maintain this.

In the event that you believe that Oyster’s editorial content contains factual inaccuracies or omissions, or that there has been a breach of Oyster’s Editorial Guidelines and/or any other applicable policies or laws, or would like to make any other complaint or provide feedback on the quality of Oyster’s content, please reach out to us.

Below is an outline of Oyster’s formal complaint and feedback process:

  • Please contact us in writing via email and address your email to feedback@oystermag.com, including any relevant editorial team contacts if relevant.
  • If you cannot email us, you may send us a letter via post to PO Box 7485 Bondi Beach NSW 2026.
  • Please include a detailed description, link to, or copy of the content or matter that you are complaining or providing feedback about.
  • Please include additional details of any other key facts, including any previous discussions on the matter.
  • If relevant, please provide us with the desired outcome of your complaint or feedback.
  • Please provide us with your preferred contact details.
  • Your complaint or feedback will be referred to the relevant senior editor and the Publisher for review.
  • We will advise you of the outcome of your complaint within 14 days of receipt.
  • If we agree with your feedback or complaint, the required action will be made as soon as reasonably possible.
  • If we disagree with your feedback or complaint or are unable to act on it, we will provide you with objective reasons for the decision, such as references to Oyster’s policies, processes, and/or any relevant laws.