Sage Elsesser On Good Internet, Worn Shirts And Chill Tomorrows

Stay gold.

2016 might’ve been Sage Elsesser’s year — he went pro for Fucking Awesome, slayed in two Converse tour vides, and got songwriting credits on Frank Ocean’s Blond — but his ascent into glory is sharp, and his future surely holds way more golden times. This big momentum from his casual kick-pushing makes him a perfect subject for questions about now and the future, so we caught up with his for Oyster #109.

Hayley Morgan: Hey Sage, where are you right now?
Sage Elsesser: Paris.

What have you been doing all year?
Travelling and skateboarding.

And what have you gotta get done before the end of the year?
Get situated in NY, get back into college mode.

Is it weird to be a skater who is pretty heavily aligned with fashion and looking good? Are most skaters admittedly conscious of their outfits/looks or do they pretend that fashion sucks?
Fashion does suck, but I’ve been fortunate enough to get gear that I like that also allows me to make items unique to my style/taste. The current state of fashion seems to be biting a lot from the skateboard culture.

What does your favourite shirt look like?
Worn, with a message.

What characteristics do you believe define your generation of skaters?
Highly advanced and very professional, skill-wise.

If you could change one thing about your industry what would it be and why?
Too judgemental.

What are you most interested in / excited about right now?
Good music and good people.

What are your thoughts on the current political/economic climate?
Trump is a lunatic, and it saddens me that people support that motherfucker.

What’s the best and worst thing about the internet?
Best — eBay, YouTube, worldwide connection. Worst — keeping us inside and isolated.

What are your thoughts on dating and friendships in the Internet age?
Very strange, friendships should be based upon human interaction … not one’s Instagram aesthetic.

Are you in love right now?

How do you feel about the future?
This world is falling apart, but I look forward to seeing the growth of my loved ones.

What invention do you wish existed?
A definitive cure for cancer.

What do you hope humans will achieve within the next 50 years?
A unified and peaceful consciousness.

Are there ideas and values from decades past that you would like to see resurrected for tomorrow?
Blessed are the meek, for they shall inherit the earth.

Three rules the world could follow for the chillest tomorrow:
Smoke weed. Breathe. Listen.