Jessica Clark Talks Being A Psychic, Mercury In Retrograde And Good Energy


Jessica Clark is in the energy business — not hocking kilowatts, but as a psychic. With a practical yet instinctual approach to this mystic profession, she taps into various energies to tell people what they need to hear. She senses things that most others don’t, yet doesn’t consider herself special: her gift is one that we could all access, if open enough. And in the ongoing existential debate about free will versus destiny, she’s for both: while most psychics might give you a reading of the most probable outcome as your destiny, Jessica is very clear that we are in control — every decision we make has the power to transform this most probable path. Practical approach or not, psychics deal with other people’s unknowns, so it’s a practice that’s notoriously met with fear and skepticism or the criticism of being a fantasy. We paid Jess a visit to get the good word on tapping-in, animal readings, reincarnation and technology.

Jonathan Pease: I think the thought of seeing a psychic either terrifies people or excites them with hope. What happens when someone comes to see you? What do you do?
Jessica Clark: It’s different for everyone. Some people are completely terrified before they come to see me, some people are anxious or nervous, and I get it — I have felt the same way about seeing psychics in the past myself. My process is to make people feel comfortable in my presence before I begin a reading. I need to talk and connect to feel into the energy and help the client open-up energetically to me.

How did you get into this? Was it a learning process you gravitated to, or was it something you just had?
It was always there but I became closed-off to it at a young age because it is scary to be faced with such things as a child. We are all born open and connected to the universe — it’s our life experiences and environments that shut this down as we get older. By the time I was around 15 years old, it was pretty much shut off for a good 10 years —mainly because of pharmaceutical drugs, alcohol and whatever else was going on in my life during that time. I hit a point where my life was just fucking crazy — I was pretty wild but also really destructive and unhappy — then I started to study meditation, came off all the meds and dedicated years of my life to spiritual growth. As I started to open-up and realise what was going on for me, it awoke within me an ability to connect [with energy].

Does one need be in the right ‘space’ mentally to see a psychic?
No, come as you are — a spiritual reading is beyond the mental planes of existence.

What silences the sceptics?
A good reading because a sceptic is usually just someone very disconnected from their own truth.

Are your readings and your psychic abilities for humans only, or can you also read animals and objects?
I can feel and tune into animals, plants, the ether and its elementals, all energies, sounds, vibrations, frequencies, lights and colours. We all can — I am not special, just open.

I imagine there must be so many things that you see or feel when doing reading with a client – how do you decide what to say, or what not to say?
This isn’t an easy thing. It’s actually very confronting to be channeled information that could potentially hurt or upset the person I am reading for. I have learnt that what comes through is to be communicated, though, otherwise it just simply wouldn’t come through if it wasn’t meant to be said. I have also learnt not to judge what comes through — I have to completely let go and trust it. It’s usually the small things — like one sentence that makes no sense to me — that means the most to a client.

How do you see the balance between destiny and free will? Does one have the power to change what you see for their future?
Absolutely. There is free will in every single moment — you are in complete control of your life. At the beginning of every reading, I explain that what is coming through about the future are pathways and timelines of the most probable circumstance that could be played out. I tell them that nothing is 100% because of free will — your thoughts and actions in each moment will determine the outcome. Most psychics can see/feel/sense more than one outcome but will only tell you the most probable, [whereas] I usually tell my clients more than one probable timeline, explaining the role of free will at all times.

Can anyone see and tap into energies like you do? Can you learn, or is it simply a gift given to a select few?
This is not something that makes me special or different, it is something that we can all do in our own ways — if we choose to tap into it and learn to understand. It takes a lot of work — a lot of stripping down of your ego and your beliefs, smashing down all the walls you have built up since being that innocent open connected child. Spiritual work and self-growth isn’t an easy path to take but it is worth it.

Is there an overlap or connection between what you do and those that practice witchcraft?
Well, it really is witchcraft.

And how about astrology?
For sure there can be. I look pretty deeply into it sometimes with people. It can give you so much insight into a person and their life path — a natal chart really tells you everything you need to know about your life and its contracts for this lifetime.

Is telepathy possible for you?
It is for us all, we are actually all constantly telepathically connected to each other

Is anything impossible for you?
Yes, so many things are out of my reach, I only get the information that I am given. It’s a complete misconception that a psychic knows everything about you.

How important are dreams?
Dreams can be signs or warnings, or connections to spirits, and they can also be subconscious processing and cleansing.

Have you ever had a dream come true?
Every single one so far.

In this connected world, can someone do a session with you via facetime, or does it need to be in person? Can you tap into people’s energies over phone and email?
Sure, it’s possible. But I don’t like to do that. I prefer the personal one on one experience. A reading is usually a deeply emotional and personal thing and I like to be present for that.

Usual readings aside, how would you read Trump from afar and energetically explain his situation?
Situations like Trump are all happening to make humanity question everything. It might seem negative on the outside but it’s actually awakening the masses. He might seem like a negative energy in this dimension but spiritually his life contract is to awaken.

Do you believe in reincarnation?

What about the concept of an afterlife?
There is just consciousness, oneness, god, whatever you feel comfortable calling it. We are always there, we are in the afterlife already. There is no separation, it’s the human mind that makes it seem that there is. Strip away this earth suit and you are just a sparkly mass of energy that is pure love and conscious of itself.

We are energetic beings – does everything we experience, feel and even think get stored? Or can we be selective about what we store and what we clear?
It is all there, everything that has ever happened and ever will happen. Energy doesn’t die, it can only be transformed.

Is it possible for people to feel an energy blockage in themselves?
Of course, everyone can feel their own energy — you just need to stop, breathe and tune in. Any illness or disease within the body started as an energy blockage then manifested into the physical.

An anxiety disorder seems to be the modern-day endemic – from an energetic/spiritual perspective, why are so many people anxious these days?
Mainly because they are not living in the present moment. They are either busy thinking about the future or stuck in thought patterns about the past. Both cause anxiety.

Is it tricky to socialise or go out when you have the skills you have? Is it something you can just turn on and off?
It makes it very hard for me. To an extent, I can choose not to tune into peoples’ energies — and I never do without their consent — but I cannot block out everything.

I have a very inconvenient ability to make technology completely fuck up – if I show the Apple Genius Bar screenshots or photos of what happens to my computers, they certainly can’t explain it. Can our energy interfere with technology? Or is it spirits?
For sure! So can Mercury in Retrograde.

Ha, yes, there’s a risk of sounding very ‘LA’, but I am often cautious of Mercury in Retrograde… Conversely, I’ve also always wondered how much technology can interfere with our energy?
Very intensely. Turn your WIFI and Bluetooth off, put your phone on Aeroplane Mode when you are sleeping… be conscious of these little things and your frequency will be higher and you will feel healthier.

Do you try to find out the science behind what you do?
Yes! Quantum Physics and spirituality are a great way for the human mind to process the infinite. The greatest scientists knew this connection — Einstein talked of it all the time.

Then why do you think the modern scientific world is so reluctant to study and acknowledge the power of humans to perform energy work?
Because people would recognise their power. The governments, banks, politicians and leaders don’t want you to wake up… But that is another subject altogether.

Photography: Matt Godkin
Originally published in Oyster #111