FYI Ugg Makes Sandals Now

For when you have to summer at 8 but winter at 9.

Who can forget when Uggs became a thing? It was the mid-2000s, The Simple Life was on T.V. and Paris Hilton was wearing miniskirts with knee-high Uggs and glittery shirts that said “Dude Where’s My Couture?” Well, the fluffy boot brand has come a long way since their heyday, but they’ve definitely been trying to make it back there these last few years. I mean, if Crocs can do it…

If you recall, the Ugg reboot (get it?) first started with Jeremy Scott’s ill-fated attempt to bring them back, bejeweled. That was a major fail. But then they redeemed themselves with those Y/Project x Rihanna thigh-high boots and a series of Kyle MacLachlan and Kim Gordon-led campaigns. And now that Uggs are officially back in our sartorial lexicon, they’ve gone and made sure we could wear those sheepskin booties all damn year.

That’s right. The brand has released an all-new summer shoe, that frankly still looks warm af. But hey, who am I to judge? The “Fluff Yeah” slide (that’s not a pun, it’s what it’s actually called) is a sheepskin sandal that comes in black, gray and two shades of pink. So, you know, if you were still looking for the footwear to complete your summer lewk, you’re welcome.

Photo: Courtesy of UGG