Anna Wintour Did A Sneaky Vogue Collab With Nike

The Devil Wears…Jordans?

Nike has teamed up with none other than the Queen herself, Anna Wintour, on two new pairs of Air Jordans. For the brand’s first ever women’s-only collaboration, the Vogue Editor-in-Chief gave her “Anna Wintour Okay” to an Air Jordan 1 Zip and an Air Jordan 3 SE. The 1 Zip comes in “University Red” and off-white “Sail” colourways, and drops July 17. The 3 SE, which comes out in September, was inspired by Wintour’s signature uniform of tweed suits and face-covering sunglasses, and has a tweed top and back heel. Just to be sure everyone knows she’s cool with them, the shoes will also emblazoned with an “AWOK” stamp on the back. Subtle. Both pairs come in a super fancy box and include an “Edited by Vogue” keychain.

If all of this doesn’t make you cringe at least a little bit, don’t worry, because there’s a video, too. Announcing the collab, Vogue dropped a video of Anna Wintour draining basketballs by wearing a pair of the AJ1’s. Apparently, ball is life — even at Vogue. But what’s even more shocking than seeing her display even a small sense of humour, is seeing Anna Wintour in anything but the boring beige Manolos she’s been wearing since 1994. Apparently, the designer once told The Daily that he’d be super bummed if she ever started wearing another shoe. Well, we’re sorry to say, Mr. Blahnik, but that day has come, and we’re just as upset about it as you are. Seeing Anna Wintour in red high-tops is almost as cringeworthy as watching her try to have an appealing personality. See for yourself, below.