Wear Your Own Andy Warhol Nudes With The New Calvin Klein Underwear Drop

Art starkers.

Calvin Klein is back with their latest Andy Warhol capsule, and this time, it’s a bunch of nudes on underwear. For their latest collaboration with The Andy Warhol Foundation, the brand has decided to use a number of Warhol’s famous nude Polaroids on a series of their classic undies and sports bras.

Titled Andy Warhol: Exposures 77-85, the collection features four prints taken between 1977 and 1985, of Italian magazine editor Daniela Moera and a bunch of anonymous naked dudes. The collection also includes Andy Warhol’s name alongside the brand’s on their iconic waistband — something Calvin Klein has never done before.

Of course, this capsule is just the latest in a series of collaborations between Calvin Klein and the artist’s estate — Calvin Klein Chief Creative Officer Raf Simons is a longtime fan of Warhol. Earlier this summer, the brand released a series of jeans and denim jackets, featuring the artist’s famous Polaroid self-portraits.

And if, as Andy once said, “an artist is somebody who produces things that people don’t need to have” — well, then, Simons with his new Calvin Klein capsule, is the ultimate artist.

Buy the Andy Warhol: Exposures 77-85 collection, here.

Image: Courtesy of Calvin Klein