Nicki Minaj Dropped A New ‘Barbie Dreams’ Video

Lookin’ like Lil’ Kim.

If NYFW hasn’t got you totally effed, then you remember that just last week, Lil’ Kim walked the VFILES runway. As the finale for VFILES newly launched Yellow Label, the OG queen sported a yellow dress and matching yellow dye job.

It was nothing short of iconic.

And apparently, Nicki Minaj agrees. Just last night, Nicki Minaj dropped her new ‘Barbie Dreams’ video, and in it, she’s wearing guess what? A bright yellow look, with matching yellow wig. AM I SEEING DOUBLE?

In the video, Nicki also sports a green wig à la Kim in ‘Crush On You’.


See for yourself, below.

Images: Instagram & Giphy