Sektor Is The Hi-Rave, Hi-Tech, Hi-Cyber Fashion You Need To Survive 2018

Rave to the grave.

Influenced by rave culture, hi-tech, cyberpunk, and war wear, Sektor is your new survival/get out of 2018 alive must-have. Sektor is, literally, designed so that you’re ready to go at any time and at any given situation. And, Sektor is not just a fashion brand, it’s a multidisciplinary project. From movies to parties, to many ongoing collaborations, Sektor is building a community within a community.

In between the brands’ debut during NYFW as a pop-up shop/rave experience and the November launch of their full collection, we felt the need to talk to Peri Rosenzweig, the designer behind Sektor, about her influences and the future of the brand.

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Peri, I know you as a photographer/stylist, how did design come into the picture?
I needed to do something that was thorough.

Did you so get what you wanted?
I’m never satisfied.

As a new designer, do you think that nowadays you have to be independent to make the clothes you really want?
I think people can make really great work together.

You told me that the initial idea behind the brand was to be strapped in; strapped for what?
For war.

Why for war?
Life is hard.

Sektor is also driven by the rave subculture and is sort of creating its own community within a community. What do you want to do with the brand, your vision for this is very spread out….
I want Sektor to be a party and also a movie.

Party, pretty apparent, but a movie? What kind?
Chris Cunningham VS. Sektor 😉

I would watch that! That being said, there is something very fetish like about Sektor, maybe it’s all the strapping in, material, low cuts…. Do you see it or?
Maybe? Or intense and aggressive but also chill.

Or that! Peri, do you wear your own designs?
Duh! I’ve been wearing the T-shirt Phil Wong designed for our launch party every day.

So many amazing collaborations already. Phil with shirts, Richie, Briana, etc. Tell me more.
1) I shot these photos with Richie Shazam less than 24 hours after I got my first samples, he’s the eternal muse. 2) I also worked with creative genius Briana Andalore on the opening. We constructed a wall of latex and put a person behind it, using sound and light to create an intensely visceral experience using the human body pressing against the wall; as though they were trapped in another dimension and trying to break into the physical world. 3) I stayed with the ever talented Nadia Kanaan this summer in Berlin. She produced a shoot for my lookbook that’s almost as iconic as she is.

Ok, last question – if Sektor came with a soundtrack, what would we be listening to?
The Blade soundtrack and Cosmin TRG.

Interview: Katja Horvat
Photos: Sektor
Model: Richie Shazam