Amélie Pichard Debuts Her First Jewellery Line

Huge oui.

Here at Oyster, we’ve long been big fans of Amélie Pichard’s aesthetically oui shoes and accessories. And if you are not all over her instagram situation, we urge you to really start paying attention.

Now, the designer has launched her first ever jewellery line, and we couldn’t be more hyped about it. Partnering with ISHKAR, an organisation that works to “ensure craftsmanship in war-torn countries,” the line is all handcrafted by Afghan artisans in Kabul. As of now, it only includes rings and earrings — but that won’t stop us from buying every single piece.

Out now, the collection pairs Pichard’s signature whimsy with the designer (and her brand’s) all around effortless cool. Early Christmas gift please?

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Images: Amelie Pichard