Saint Laurent Launches New ‘Self’ Series With Photos By Daido Moriyama

Know ThySELF.

Anthony Vaccarello has his own way of doing things at Saint Laurent. His latest decision was to launch an all new project, the Self series, which features different interpretations of and meditations on creativity and self-expression by a group of artists, filmmakers and photographers — chosen by Vaccarello himself.

As part of the series, the brand will highlight work by different artists meant to explore their own unique understanding of Saint Laurent.

The first artist in the series is photographer Daido Moriyama, whose black-and-white photos fit seamlessly into the signature YSL brand.

As the first artist in the series, Moriyama’s images will be presented in Paris at Palais Royal on November 9 through Novemeber 11 during Paris Photo. The exhibition, curated by Anthony Vaccarello, will be held at Galerie d’Orleans and open to the public through a light-installation in front of the Palais Royal garden.

Throughout the project, Vaccarello will select different artists to interpret themes of “diversity, individuality and self-confidence through a lens free from pretense and hypocrisy.”

“This project is an artistic commentary on society while emphasizing the core values of Saint Laurent,” the brand said in a press release. “Self is formed by a heady mixture of attraction, ambivalence and mystery generated by photographers, artists, and filmmakers who have come together to make a confrontational statement.”

And we can’t wait to see what they have in store for us next.

Photo: courtesy of Saint Laurent