Watch FKA Twigs Learn To Pole-Dance In New ‘Cellophane’ Documentary

Practice makes perfect.

It’s been a good few weeks for FKA twigs. Along with the release of her latest single, “Cellophane,” the singer shared the fifth issue of her Instagram zine, AVANTGarden, a live video of her performing the new track, and a killer music video to accompany it. Now, she’s blessing us with a glimpse behind the scenes of the whole process. Talk about the gift that keeps on giving.

In her new documentary, Practice, twigs takes us on her year-long journey to prep for the ‘Cellophane’ video. In the short, the singer learns to pole-dance and goes through intense physical preparation all in service of her vision for the Andrew Thomas Huang-directed music video.

“To complete my vision for the ‘Cellophane’ video I had to learn to pole-dance,” she wrote on Twitter. “I knew it from the moment I finished the song in the studio.”

Elaborating on the “hard work that went into making the video happen – on a creative level, on a business level, on a physical level,” she said in a press release: “It’s all very well me going and doing a three-minute routine, that’s easy. But the difficult thing is knowing that you have the stamina and the strength to do be able to do that three minute routine for eight hours, and that’s something different.”

“I am proud to share a precious part of my training with you,” she finished.

Watch the Practice documentary below, and re-watch the “Cellophane” video here.

Image: YouTube