Virginie Viard Makes Her Debut At Chanel

Well read.

Ever since Karl Lagerfeld’s death in February, everyone’s been freaking out trying to figure out what’s next for Chanel. With her FW19 Haute Couture collection, Virginie Viraud made her debut with the legendary fashion house and answered all of our questions. Spoiler alert: Chanel always reigns.

Inspired by her lifelong of books, the designer transformed the Grand Palais into an equally elegant and cozy library. Though, cozy still means fabulous when it comes to Chanel.

As for the collection, Viraud took traditional Chanel staples, like tweed and satin, putting her own spin on both the fabric and the  brand.

“I dreamt about a woman with nonchalant elegance and a fluid and free silhouette…” she said about the collection, “everything I like about the Chanel allure.”

Us, too. But whenever a new designer comes in — particularly after Karl Lagerfeld (a hard act to follow if there ever was one) — it’s always hard to know exactly where the brand will go. With the FW19 Haute Couture collection, Viraud did something as effortlessly Chanel as it was her. And we’re excited to see where it goes.

Image: Instagram