Tyra Banks Literally Leaps Out Of Cars To Help Models During Photoshoots


We all know Tyra is extra, especially when it comes to modelling. I mean, the girl is opening a model-themed attraction. So, when she gets literally any opportunity to teach a girl how to smize and a photographer how to capture it, you better believe she takes it. Case in point:

Over the weekend, Tyra was leaving at BeautyCon, when she spotted a curbside photoshoot she didn’t love. What’d she do? She jumped out and started directing the model and photographer, while snapping a few of her own shots because…well, of course she did.

When you go to BeautyCon and you’re in your car leaving but you see a photo shoot happening that is kind of going in the wrong direction. What else do you do but put on your Super/Model/Hero cape, jump out of the car, grab the camera from the photographer and start clicking,” she wrote on Instagram. “Maybe one day I’ll jump out of the car to capture YOU.”

Naturally, she added the hashtag #TyraTaughtMe because again, of course she did. She’s Tyra Banks.

Along with the caption, Tyra shared a photo she took during the curbside shoot. Clearly, the mogul really knows how to take advantage of an opportunity. And apparently, she teaches well.

By the way, after five minutes of a quick lesson, the young photographer took some amazing photos of this sweet orange-eyed beauty,” she captioned a photo of the model/beauty blogger Tatyana Ali. “This pic is mine, but the framing of his shots became really good!”

One word for the whole experience:

But also:

And, I mean:

Image/GIF: Instagram/Giphy