Welp, NARS’ New Lipstick Ad Looks A Little Dickish

Shades of nude.

Everyone knows sex sells. But NARS has taken that idea to a whole new level with their latest lipstick campaign. To promote their new #AFTERHOURS collection on Instagram, the makeup brand shared a series of videos in which the shades look… well, like a penis.

In the vids, shades like ‘Moroccan Lipstick’ and ‘Honolulu Honey’ melt upwards before returning to their former glory as something you’d actually want to wear as makeup.

At first, I (and everyone else who saw the visuals) figured someone in the branding department was like:

But then we saw the captions.

“Late nights. Latest obsessions,” one read. “[…] A nude so intoxicating, you won’t know how you lived without it.”

And here’s the kicker:

“When the nudes keep you up all night.”

Gross? I mean, I’m all for sex positivity and even dicks, but just not on my lipstick. Low key though, I kind of like the colour.

See for yourself, below.

GIFs: Giphy