Can Someone Please Help Lana Del Rey Find Her Vape?

This is not a drill.

In what is urgent news (depending on taste), Lana Del Rey has paused a performance in Portland, Oregan to find something near and dear to her heart. See, our favourite sad girl lost her e-cig mid-show — prompting her to ask fans, her band, and the stagehands at the Moda Centre to help her find it. Help goddamit!

Sadly, Lana’s vape was never found (all eyes on eBay) but the singer-songwriter pushed through, “Portland, don’t hold this against me,” she chuckled. Apparently, absence does make the heart grow stronger. 

“Oh, fuck it,” Lana decided, “You wanna sing ‘Video Games’ with me?” — Um yes. 

Despite this MIA juul tragedy, Lana’s most recent album Normal Fucking Rockwell is well, fucking great and critics think so too. 

Image: @lanadelrey