Patagonia Wants You To Give The Gift Of Climate Science

Buy, buy, BUY.

Black Friday was once the informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the US, now it’s a global excuse for manic consumerism with brands around the world encouraging susceptible individuals to buy, buy, BUY. But, American norm-core, camper-chic #goals — Patagonia have come up with a great solution to combat wastefulness this holiday season.

Patagonia Action Works is an environmental and conservational initiative where you can donate to various eco nonprofits (in your name or in the name of an ignorant-view-holding relative) and Patagonia will match your donation dollar for dollar #climatekaching. Now you can buy that patronising uncle what he really needs: an eCard, with love.

“Environmental nonprofits account for only three percent of philanthropic giving, yet climate change and the ecological crisis are the greatest threats we have ever faced. We’re running out of fresh water, topsoil, fish and wetlands,” Patagonia CEO and queen Rose Marcario said on LinkedIn. “And the best antidote to helplessness is action. We believe giving modest grants to thousands of grassroots groups around the globe makes real change possible.”

Patagonia will be metaphorically making it rain until December 31, or until they hit their $10 million target — word. Give someone the gift of climate science (as of Nov 29) here.

Image: @patagoniakorea